How to Divorce Stress-Free Or Close to It After the Holidays

The start of every year – year after year – sees a noticeable spike in divorce rates as people decide it is finally time to end their marriage now that the holidays are over. According to a recent article posted in the Chicago Tribune, “After the Holidays Divorce Day Looms”, the jump is around 30% compared to most other months in a given year. When considering how anxious the post-holiday season can feel already, knowing that you are starting a divorce can just compile more stress on top of it. But it doesn’t need to.

Stay On Course & Ask for Help

How you approach your divorce and what type of mindset you hold will dramatically affect how the entire procedure pans out. Everyone wants to see a quick, amicable conclusion to their divorce but this is understandably not always the case, and perhaps not always the norm. Your idea of a fair resolution might look heads-and-tails different from your spouse’s. Even if you disagree on just one aspect of your divorce agreement, conflict can spark and stress can rise.

As Attorney Sari Friedman of Friedman & Friedman, Attorneys at Law points out, “[…] having an attorney you are comfortable with and who you feel confidence in can go a long way to relieving stress.” Teaming up with someone who knows the law inside and out, and has taken the time to get to know your interests and objectives in your divorce, might be all you need to finally move forward. Make certain your family lawyer understands what you want out of your divorce, and doesn’t use a “cookie cutter” solution.

Some people hesitate to reach out to a legal professional for assistance, for they believe that there is some shame or wrongdoing in divorce; this is absolutely not true. Others try to convince themselves that it just isn’t the “right time” to file for divorce; this is also a falsehood, as there is no “perfect” time to file. As Attorney Sari Friedman also tells the firm’s clients, waiting too long to divorce can bring unexpected consequences. In the post-holiday season, this often means splitting a big holiday bonus since it still counts as marital assets.

Meet Your New York Family Law Firm

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