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Matters involving child custody are emotionally charged and can be exceedingly difficult to deal with from a legal standpoint - not to mention the fact that the decisions made regarding child custody will directly affect your child’s future and wellbeing.

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We believe that no greater vocation can be had by woman or man than to be a parent. Our purpose is to promote the equality of that vocation and to offer men and women an opportunity for the mutual support to pursue their rights.

With more than 35 years of legal experience and a practice devoted to matrimonial and family law, the team at Friedman & Friedman, Attorneys at Law understands child custody matters from a legal standpoint and a personal point of view as well.

Our experienced team of Long Island divorce attorneys take on child custody disputes and all other family law issues for clients throughout Long Island, New York. This includes fathers’ rights and grandparents’ rights in regards to child custody matters. Don't wait to get started. Schedule your consultation by calling (516) 688-0088!

Determining Child Custody in New York

At Friedman & Friedman, Attorneys at Law, we believe that a family can and should be a loving and safe environment for children – both before and after a divorce or legal separation. Our Long Island family lawyers approach each child custody case with this point of view and fight zealously to help our clients resolve their custody disputes effectively and with the least amount of emotional turmoil possible.

New York custody disputes are resolved when the court determines what is in the best interest of the child or children involved. In most cases, the court will work to keep both parents involved in a child’s life. However, some factors which will influence this decision include:

  • Status Quo: is there currently a custody agreement that has been developed and used by the parents?
  • Siblings: the court usually works to keep siblings together, but at times the needs of siblings will differ and thus the court could decide to split them between parents.
  • Stability of Environment: the court will usually prefer to keep the child in the same environment, community, school, etc.
  • Wealth of the Parent: the court will typically prefer to award custody to a place where the child has suitable space, a safer neighborhood, adequate food and clothing, etc.
  • Parental Stability: are both parents stable? Whether a parent suffers from an alcohol or drug problem or mental instability will influence the court’s decision regarding custody. A criminal history, history of abuse or history of promiscuity may influence the decision the court makes.
  • Preference of the Child
  • Relationship with the Parent
  • Relationship with others in the Parent’s Household
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A family law attorney will directly impact the outcome of your child custody matter. Not only can an attorney help the court understand why you should get custody, but your attorney can help you understand what you should and should not do in order to best help your chances of getting custody of your child or children. For this reason, we encourage you to discuss your case with our team today.

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