How does technology affect your divorce?

As technology expands year after year, people going through a divorce must be careful to monitor their use.  I cannot tell you how often emails end up as part of parties' exhibits in motion practice.  Email can be a great way to communicate with your soon-to-be ex because it allows you to document.  However, be careful what you write, because you never know when it can be used against you.

Social media websites can also be used in litigation, especially Facebook.  People often post pictures or status updates without realizing that those postings may work their way into their divorce action.  You never know who is monitoring your Facebook profile, twitter account, or other social media websites where you may reveal something that has an adverse affect on your case.  For example, if your economic status is an issue in your request for maintenance, an upward modification of child support, or a downward modification of child support.   Posting about your finances on these internet sites may be used against you during the litigation.

Very often social media websites are used in custody cases where a party is subject to scrutiny.  A person going through a custody matter must understand that their life is being viewed under a microscope and that includes your Facebook profile.  It is important to discuss with your lawyer how technology can affect your divorce case.

This is only a brief overview of how technology can affect your divorce.  If you want to understand more how to navigate your divorce matter as it relates to technology contact a lawyer at the office.

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