See the Holidays Through Your Children's Eyes

Divorced parents can continue to create happy holiday memories for their children. Children marvel at the wonder that this season brings. To preserve their joy, you and the child's other parent should not infringe on their merriment, even if you are not on friendly terms. To ease the tension, take this time to see the holidays through your children's eyes. They are comforted in tradition, excited by expressions of joy and relish in the warmth of family. Keep them feeling secure by providing these gifts to them.

To help create a happy holiday season, we recommend that you do not leave things for the last minute. Weeks in advance, you and your ex should have agreed on a clear holiday schedule, including pick-up and drop-off. With the holidays just days away, this is the time to confirm with your child's other parent that you are both on the same page with the schedule and plans. Both parties should agree not to deviate from the plans. There should be no last minute surprises that lead to an argument that will spoil the holiday for your children. You don't want your bickering to become what your children take in as their holiday memories.

There is no doubt that co-parenting during the holidays can be daunting, To avoid unnecessary drama, stick to your plan and take this time to see the holidays through your children's eyes.

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