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Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Brings Same-Sex Divorce Rights As Well

Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Brings Same-Sex Divorce Rights As Well

The United States Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage carries with it a largely unnoticed addition: the legalization of same-sex divorce across the nation. While it might seem like an unfortunate event, many same-sex couples are actually viewing it as a much-needed source of relief.

There is a Bright Side to Everything

In the past, a same-sex married couple could only divorce in states that recognized the legality of their union. For example, people married in California who then moved to Texas could not file for divorce in Texas; instead, they would have to move back to California and reestablish residency there. Another option would be to end their marriage out of court.

The costs associated with moving back and forth or ending a marriage without divorce can pile up quickly. By some estimations, as discussed in our previous blog, same-sex divorces were twice as expensive as a similar divorce between heterosexual couples. Due to the Supreme Court’s ruling, though, all of that has come to an end and same-sex partners can now dissolve their marriage with the same ease and fees as everyone else.

Additional Considerations

Lawmakers will also need to review other portions of family law to see if they continue to be relevant now that same-sex marriage is legal in all states. Matters that were traditionally slanted towards one gender-bias or the other, such as child custody and fathers’ rights in a divorce, may need to be rewritten entirely. Whether or not those changes are coming, however, is yet to be seen.

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