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My Situation Has Changed. Can I Adjust My Child Support Order?

At times, it will be necessary to modify the terms of your child support agreement. While the agreement may have been right at the time of your divorce or separation agreement, your income situation may have changed, your child’s needs may have become different and your living situation may have changed.

It is important to consult a Long Island child support modification lawyer immediately if you believe that you need to modify the terms of your child support agreement. Rather than trying to come to an agreement with your spouse without the help of a lawyer or without going through the court, it is essential that you do this with an attorney’s assistance. Making sure this new agreement is entirely valid will help avoid any conflict in the future.

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Will I Qualify for Modification of Child Support in NY?

You can also find out if your situation qualifies in the first place. For your convenience, we have included some examples of possible situations where child support modification may be possible and/or necessary:

Circumstances for Child Support Modification:

  • Being forced to take another job because your vocation or industry has disappeared.
  • Your child begins living with you full time.
  • Your child begins working full time and becomes emancipated.
  • A change in your child’s medical or educational needs.

There are some particular circumstances which will not qualify for the modification of child support. This may include such circumstances as:

  • Voluntarily leaving your current employment situation.
  • Voluntarily changing to a lower paying job.

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Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law takes on modification of child support cases throughout Long Island, New York. With more than 90 years of combined experience and a strong dedication to professionalism and personalized attention, our team is an excellent choice of family law representation.

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