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Most people would agree that children need both a mother and a father. While a child’s relationships with their mother and their father may be different, both are vitally important to a child’s happiness and overall wellbeing.

At Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law, we believe that fathers have the right to be equally considered for child custody and visitation. Are you looking for the best Long Island fathers' rights lawyer near you? Get in touch with us today to see if we're the right fit!

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Married vs. Unmarried Fathers’ Rights

New York family law has changed over the years to be far less biased toward mothers than before; however, certain circumstances can still make it difficult for fathers to remain parts of their children’s lives. The greatest example is married vs. unmarried fathers.

Father who were never married to the mothers of their children must first establish paternity before the court will consider their fathers’ rights. The process of establishing paternity is involved and can be especially difficult if the mother is not cooperative. Therefore, as an unmarried father seeking to protect your rights, be sure to get a lawyer on your side.

On the other hand, married fathers don’t necessarily have it easy, either. Even though paternity is established, they still have to prove that their relationship with their children is in the best interests of the children and, in such cases, mothers often have the upper hand due to ages-old ways of thinking.

“Mothers spends more time at home with the children.”
“Mothers are the ‘nurturing’ ones.”
“Mothers are the ‘natural caretakers.’”

These are old mindsets that need to be fought, which is why married fathers still need the advocacy of a skilled Long Island fathers' rights attorney.

Are you a father who is currently going through a divorce or seeking parenting time? You need a skilled New York fathers’ rights lawyer on your side to protect your interests. You need a lawyer who understands just how important your rights as a father are and who will fight to protect these in any and all negotiations and court proceedings as related to your divorce or separation.

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Fathers' Rights Lawyer in Long Island, NY

The New York attorneys at Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law have more than 90 years of combined experience and are fully committed to protecting the rights of fathers in family law proceedings. Our lawyers are committed to protecting child custody rights for fathers.

In addition to handling cases involving custody and visitation, our attorneys also assist fathers in situations regarding:

Fathers’ Rights in New York

43 states in the U.S. have shared custody requirements, and New York is not one of these. In fact, joint custody is only awarded if both parents agree upon this. It is an unfortunate fact that many times parents do not agree to joint custody, and this results in a child being brought up in an environment that is less than ideal – an environment that does not include both parents.

This is one of the many reasons why you need a skilled and aggressive lawyer on your side immediately if you are a father going through any legal matter involving the custody of your children or your visitation rights. You need a legal professional on your side to ensure that your rights as a father are asserted and that you have a say in raising your children and spending time with them.

Are you looking for the best Long Island fathers' rights lawyer near you? Speak with an attorney at Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law today.

Why Choose Friedman & Friedman?

With years of experience in family law, our Long Island fathers' rights attorneys have a deep understanding of the legal system and the challenges fathers face. We are committed to providing personalized and effective legal representation tailored to your unique circumstances.

Client-Focused Approach

At Friedman & Friedman, we put our clients first. We take the time to listen to your concerns, understand your goals, and develop a legal strategy that meets your needs. Our compassionate approach ensures that you feel supported throughout the legal process.

Proven Track Record

Our Long Island fathers' rights lawyers have a proven track record of successfully advocating for fathers' rights in New York. Our dedication to achieving favorable outcomes for our clients has earned us a reputation as a trusted and reliable law firm in Long Island.

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If you are a father facing a family law issue, don't navigate this challenging time alone. Contact Friedman & Friedman to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you protect your rights and the best interests of your children.

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New York Fathers' Rights FAQ

Can I get joint custody of my children?

Yes, joint custody is an option and can be awarded if it is in the best interest of the children. Joint custody allows both parents to share decision-making responsibilities and time with the children. Our attorneys can help you pursue joint custody arrangements and advocate for a fair division of parental responsibilities.

Can I modify an existing custody or support order?

Yes, you can request a modification of an existing custody or support order if there has been a significant change in circumstances. Changes might include a parent's relocation, a change in income, or changes in the child's needs. Our attorneys can assist you in filing for a modification and presenting your case to the court.

How long does a custody case take to resolve?

The duration of a custody case can vary depending on the complexity of the issues involved and the court's schedule. Some cases may be resolved through mediation or negotiation, while others may require litigation. Our attorneys work diligently to resolve cases as efficiently as possible while ensuring a thorough and effective legal strategy.

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