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Orders of Protection: How to Get a Restraining Order in NY

In New York, an order of protection is a valuable legal tool that a victim of domestic abuse, domestic violence, harassment, or stalking can utilize to avoid further injury or fear of injury.

Known in other states as a "restraining order," an order of protection is a court order which prohibits the person named from contacting or coming within a certain distance of the victim. Should the abuser violate the order of protection, he or she may be arrested immediately and face serious criminal charges.

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Our New York domestic violence lawyers can help you obtain an order of protection if you have been the victim of domestic abuse. You do not have to bear this abuse and injury any longer. Take the legal recourse offered by New York Family Courts, and you can finally experience relief.

A domestic violence lawyer on Long Island can help ensure that you properly apply for an order of protection and that it sticks. The person you bring the order against may try to contest the restraining order. By having a domestic violence attorney at your side, you can ensure that the order is not lifted for any reason.

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Restraining Orders and Orders of Protection in New York

Both restraining orders and orders of protection are court orders which protect victims from dangerous individuals who are subjecting them to emotional, physical or sexual abuse of any kind. Domestic violence is frequently the cause for a restraining order or order of protection, but these may be issued to protect victims from stalking or harassment as well.

A temporary order of protection or emergency restraining order may be issued in order to offer a victim immediate protection. In these cases, a hearing will often be held at a later date to determine whether to keep the order in place. At times, a restraining order or order of protection may last for up to two years.

Get Protection for Domestic Violence & Abuse

If you or someone you know needs protection from domestic violence or abuse, contact Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law immediately. At our firm, we are committed to helping victims seek and obtain orders of protection or restraining orders so they can finally be safe from further harm. Our Long Island domestic violence attorneys help clients feel safe at home again.

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