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5 Advantages of Divorce Mediation

5 Advantages of Divorce Mediation

While many people assume divorce is a highly emotional and expensive process, there are some couples who are able to end their marriage on good and respectful terms without breaking the bank.

Divorce mediation is an attempt to help couples settle contested issues and reach a final agreement. An unbiased mediator (a neutral third party) is responsible for serving both parties equally, encouraging open communication and problem solving, and helping couples work out every detail of the divorce through mediation.

The following are the main benefits of divorce mediation:

  • Less expensive – Rather than paying for separate lawyers for each party, couples interested in divorce mediation will only work with one mediator. Individual meetings and communications with attorneys can really add up, along with court fees during the trial proceedings.
  • Faster process – A contested divorce can take up to a year or more to be resolved. Scheduling a court date, getting two attorneys to agree on the court date, and going through the discovery process on top of your busy schedule are all causes of delay. By contrast, divorce mediation only takes a few months. You are given the flexibility to schedule meetings according to your schedule without having to wait for a court date or meetings with attorneys.
  • Confidential – No one wants their personal affairs aired to the public. If a divorce goes through the court system, every intimate detail is available to your community. On the other hand, mediation is completely private. The only person who will know the details of your divorce is your mediator during your sessions.
  • Complete control – Instead of putting the decision-making in the hands of a judge, the couple makes all of the decisions through mediation. The mediator facilitates discussions between the parties to help them come to an agreement on every issue of their divorce. While court litigation results in a win-lose situation, divorce mediation can make it possible for both parties to win.
  • Benefits children – When parents can work together to resolve their issues without taking their divorce to court, it also means they can work together to successfully co-parent their children.

However, divorce mediation is not right for everyone. If your marriage involves domestic violence or if you suspect your spouse is hiding assets and being dishonest about the family’s finances, then it is best to go through the court system to end your marriage. At Friedman & Friedman PLLC, our mediator can evaluate your case and determine whether or not mediation is suitable for your divorce.

For more information about divorce mediation in New York, contact us and schedule a consultation today.


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