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Planning for Visitation During Halloween

Planning for Visitation During Halloween

How to Handle Halloween for Child Custody & Visitation

Parents typically include major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas in their parenting plan (also known as child custody plan); however, sometimes miss the importance of other kid-friendly days like Halloween. Halloween is a big deal to children though and a great opportunity for them to spend quality time with their parents.

As Halloween often falls on a weekday when school is in session, custody time can be limited due to school schedules. To plan for the day, it may be in your best interests to include a provision in your parenting plan for the Halloween holiday – or at least come to an agreement with your ex-spouse about what to expect.

While Halloween is not technically a holiday, it is still deemed important in a child’s mind. Many parents forget to include Halloween while creating a parenting plan, but it is an important day that should be taken into consideration.

Which Parent Gets Visitation Time on Halloween?

When Halloween is not addressed in a custody or visitation schedule, the parent who has regular-scheduled custody on that date will be the one

How to Address Custody & a Parenting Plan

One way to address visitation during Halloween is to include it in your parenting plan. As it is a holiday that cannot be enjoyed for too long – once kids become teens they may be less excited to dress up and spend time with their parents – parents only have about a decade or so to enjoy Halloween with their children.

You can choose to share the day or divide it up between parents, so everyone can partake in the festivities. This could look like one parent taking the child to a school Halloween party during the day and the other spending time with the child after school when the trick-o-treating hour begins. You might also want to consider what your pick-up and drop-off schedule will look like if planning for neighborhood parties, trick-o-treating, or sleepovers. The more detailed the parenting plan, the less likely a dispute will occur between the two parents.

If parents live in different cities, maybe you could alternate Halloweens every other year. If your city has Halloween events going on throughout the month of October, each parent could take the child to one of these events.

What if We Cannot Reach an Agreement About Halloween?

Halloween is not celebrated on October 31st exclusively. There will be plenty of Halloween events, parties, movie nights, and more leading up to the actual day. You can create a new tradition with your family if you are not able to celebrate Halloween together on the same day every year.

In the event you and your spouse cannot agree on a shared parenting plan for Halloween, it is advisable to consult with a lawyer for assistance. It might be unrealistic to expect every single holiday to run smoothly without having to negotiate with your ex-spouse; however, with a plan in mind at least you can prepare for holidays celebrations and do your best to keep the festivities on track.

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