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How to Navigate Divorce During the Holidays

How to Navigate Divorce During the Holidays

The holidays are a time of the f’s: festivities, family, and food. Divorce doesn’t quite play into that. If you are navigating a divorce, you may be unsure of how to address your divorce with your family this holiday season. Our divorce attorneys give some of their top tips on navigating the divorce during the holidays.

Be Honest

While it may feel easier to lie about where your spouse is if you arrive at a family function without them, it may cause issues in the long run. Be honest with your family. You don’t need to tell them everything, but simply state that you are separated or going through a divorce. You can help control the narrative of your divorce within your family by remaining honest.

Give Yourself A Break

Don’t feel that you need to spend every moment of the holidays with your family discussing your divorce. If you feel that it is becoming overwhelming, take a step back and tell your family that you do not wish to discuss your divorce at this time and would rather focus on celebrating with your family during the holidays.

You should also make time for yourself this holiday season to relax. Family events can already be a draining activity, but factoring in a divorce can add even more to your plate. Making time for yourself can also give you space to mill over feelings from meeting your family and better prepare for other events.

Be Courteous

If you find yourself with your spouse’s family during the holidays, remain courteous. You don’t need to discuss your divorce with them unless you really want to. If they begin to press, respectfully tell them that you do not wish to talk about your divorce at the moment and, if needed, remove yourself from the situation.

Don’t Overshare

Telling too much may bring in some negative consequences. While you may want to tell your family everything, you need to think about if the facts you are sharing are absolutely relevant to the conversation. If you overshare about the circumstances of your divorce, you may later realize that you wished you hadn’t shared that information with your family. To protect yourself this holiday season, keep it simple when discussing your divorce.

If you are navigating a divorce through the holidays and have questions, call our Long Island divorce attorneys today at (516) 688-0088 to schedule an initial consultation. Our team can discuss your case with you and guide you through the process of your divorce.


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