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Should You Move Out During A Divorce?

Should You Move Out During A Divorce?

After filing for divorce, you may be thinking, what do I do next? If you live with your spouse, you may have the urge to move out of your shared household and find an apartment or house to live in, and begin your next chapter. Our Long Island divorce attorneys at Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law share what you should consider before deciding to move out.

Consult Your Attorney

In your divorce, your attorney has years of experience and knowledge to guide you toward the best possible solutions to your divorce issues. While you may wish to move out of your shared home, your attorney may consult for you to continue to live in your home throughout the divorce process. Moving out of your shared home could cause an uphill battle if you seek to pursue child custody, or leave you with utility bills, rent or mortgage, or even upkeep while your spouse continues to live in the home on your dime.

Why Your Attorney May Advise You To Stay

If you share children with your spouse, your custody hearing will review your actions throughout your divorce. When pursuing full or majority custody of the children, you should stay with them so they are not left with the other parent, who may be deemed unfit in court. Leaving your children with their other parent may demonstrate you were ok with them being the custodial parent when you moved out of the home and left the children with the other spouse.

Additionally, your attorney may advise you to stay so you do not continue paying for a home where you no longer live. Your spouse may refuse to pay rent, mortgage, or bills associated with your home, leaving you to pay. Paying for a separate apartment and a home can be financially draining and challenging to overcome during and after your divorce.

Why Your Attorney May Advise You To Move

Depending on your unique situation, your attorney may advise you to move if it could benefit your divorce case. This could happen if your spouse refuses to move forward with your divorce and needs a little extra nudge or if your fighting has become unbearable. An experienced attorney can review your specific circumstances when consulting on if you should move during your divorce.

Long Island Divorce Attorneys

When speaking with your attorney at Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law about your desire to move, you should keep in mind that they will guide you towards the best route for your divorce and your family. We understand how difficult divorce may be and your actions are one of the strongest pieces of evidence in your case. With our representation, we will fight for your best interests in your divorce in a meaningful and effective way.

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