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Determining child support for parents who are seeking a separation agreement or divorce is typically carried out using a standard formula established in New York. This formula is very simple in some cases; however, in certain circumstances such as high net worth divorces or separations, an attorney is an absolute necessity in order to ensure that your position is well-represented and your financial future is safeguarded.

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New York Child Support Child Calculations

In New York, child support is calculated for families with a combined parental income in the following manner (this may vary on a case per case basis, however):

Percentages of combined parental income:

  • 17% - 1 child
  • 25% - 2 children
  • 29% - 3 children
  • 31% - 4 children
  • 35% - 5 or more children

Combined parental income is calculated after social security and New York City taxes. The court will use the most recently reported on your federal tax return. It is important to note that case law establishes the court's right to apply the percentages well in excess of $136,000 of combined parental income and the courts regularly do. How high they go varies from case to case, county to county and judge to judge. The courts consider the reasonable needs of the child or children in determining this issue.

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