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What Does “High Asset” Mean In Relation To My Divorce?
What Does “High Asset” Mean In Relation To My Divorce?

If you are a New York couple going through a divorce, there is likely a lot on your mind. Understanding the process of dividing resources and property can be extremely overwhelming—so much so that it's easy to feel confused. One term you may have encountered during this time ...

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    • What is Odd and Even Time-Sharing?

      The holidays are a time when families come together to celebrate. Unfortunately, this can also be a time of stress and conflict for many families. One ...

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    • 4 Circumstances For When A Parent Can Get Sole Custody

      When pursuing custody of your child, you might be concerned about how difficult it can be to seek custody of your child. You might feel that it is ...

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    • What Happens If I Want to Move Away From Long Island But Share Custody?

      As a parent who shares custody, you may be concerned about how plans for a fresh start may change your shared custody agreement of your child. If you ...

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    • Can Child Support Money Go Toward Holiday Gifts?

      The holidays are a time for giving, and many parents want to make sure their children have the best Christmas possible. With this in mind, parents ...

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    • College Planning With Your Child for After Graduation

      As your current high school junior dons their graduation cap and walks across the stage at their commencement ceremony next spring, you will feel a ...

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    • When Does Child Support End?

      Contact Us! When parents get divorced, they have several important matters to figure out. On top of property division, alimony, and child custody ...

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    • Couples Seek Divorce Options

      Long Island Business News by Bernadette Starzee Published: July 7th, 2010 - Divorce is never easy, but since the economy went south, it has been ...

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    • Attorney Sari Friedman Participates in Lifespire's Charity Golf Classic

      Attorney Sari M. Friedman hit the green for a good cause yesterday—she played in Lifespire's 13 th Annual Golf Classic and also served as a sponsor ...

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    • What Does “High Asset” Mean In Relation To My Divorce?

      If you are a New York couple going through a divorce, there is likely a lot on your mind. Understanding the process of dividing resources and property ...

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    • What Can Be Modified After My Divorce Is Finalized?

      Going through a divorce can be one of the most challenging times in your life. It’s essential to have a dedicated family law attorney, like those at ...

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    • Moving Forward From Divorce: Why Building A Support System Can Help You

      Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult things you will ever do. Not only are you dealing with the emotional stress of ending your ...

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    • How to Create New Holiday Traditions with Your Children After a Divorce

      The holiday season is upon us and, if you recently finalized your divorce , you might have some concerns regarding your plans for celebrating and ...

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    • How to Know When Divorce is the Right Decision

      Getting a divorce is a major decision and one that should not be taken lightly. If you feel like your marriage is on the rocks and you are unsure if ...

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    • Will a Divorce Save Me on Taxes?

      If you are in the midst of getting a divorce or are recently divorced, taxes might not be at the forefront of your mind, but you still need to take ...

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    • SmartCEO Honors Attorney Sari Freidman with Family Business Award

      SmartCEO is a company that believes in the American Dream, the American Spirit, and the importance of family. It recognizes that family-run businesses ...

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    • Attorney Sari Friedman Selected to 10 Best List

      Friedman & Friedman PLLC, Attorneys at Law is proud to announce that one of our founding lawyers, Sari Friedman , has been honored by the American ...

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    • Sari M. Friedman and Andrea B. Friedman Named Top Attorneys of North America

      Sari M. Friedman and Andrea B. Friedman have been honored as Top Attorneys of North America by New York’s Who’s Who Directories! This publication ...

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    • How Does an Order of Protection Work in NY?

      New York Order of Protection An order of protection is a legal document issued by the court to help safeguard you from numerous life-disrupting and ...

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    • Will same-sex marriage become federal law?

      While there is no answer yet on this issue, our country is getting closer to an answer. While marriage is a power delegated to the states, the federal ...

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    • How do you find the right attorney for you?

      Finding the right attorney is not an exact science, but is a personal choice each client must make when hiring counsel. However, when looking for an ...

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    • Marriage Equality Act

      New York state passed the Marriage Equality Act this past week. This is a historic moment for New York state, as New York joins Connecticut, Iowa, ...

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    • Same-Sex Marital & Divorce Issues

      In New York, same-sex couples have the same rights associated with divorce as heterosexual couples, however; gay and lesbian partners are often not ...

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    • Same-Sex Marriage Legalization Brings Same-Sex Divorce Rights As Well

      The United States Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage carries with it a largely unnoticed addition: the legalization of same-sex ...

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    • We're Leading Parental Rights in Same Sex Marriage

      I am so honored to have been part of a same-sex marriage case that was recently ruled in our favor, setting a precendent for all other same-sex ...

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    • What Can I Do If My Ex Stops Paying Spousal Support?

      Contact Us! During the divorce process, it is common for spousal support to be awarded to the spouse with a lower income-earning ability. It is ...

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    • Planning for Visitation During Halloween

      How to Handle Halloween for Child Custody & Visitation Parents typically include major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas in their parenting ...

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